Due to a sudden death of a good friend, my vision of helping people with depression and psychosomatic problems has been reawakened. 

I myself have been fighting depression for over 20 years. Until I found a way out trough daily art and intensive positive thought structuring. 
It is a hard physical and psychological fight and I know there are many people out there who are going trough the same thing. It doesn’t matter if the problem seems big or small, the fact that you are still alive shows immense inner strength. Often we don’t believe in our inner strength or we feel ashamed in this destructive highly demanding media filled society. 
You alone are enough and you don’t need to fit in any drawer that society wants to put you in. 

We are too big to fit in these “social drawers” and we are worth much more then these small perfect illusions that media tries to feed us as perfect. We don’t need to just be a “functional” part of society, we need freedom to develop and to express our selves. 

My intentions for art is healing is , trough my creating process and my travels I am able to come in contact with large groups of people and also have many wonderful and beautiful connections with individuals. 

I would like to work artistically trough painting courses with different with different groups and organizations like for example the “Gemeindepsychiatriches Zentrum Detmold“ and furthermore worldwide. 
The psychiatric center has prints of sad African animals and landscapes hanging on its walls. The sad animals seem happier then those who have to spend their time behind those walls. 

WHERE is the freedom for positive self change ?
WHERE is the healing effect of these images ? 


Would you be interested in making a change ? Then help me to reach one of my goals ! Trough your support (which can be as simple as liking my page and sharing it with your friends) I strongly believe in positive change ! I’m putting all my will power and strength to reach this goal.