Energetic Painting

Energetc Painting


The focus, when painting energetically, is put on connecting with your emotions and expressing them. Many people don't feel like they can put their feelings into words or express them in any other way. Of course these emotions vary from person to person- mostly these are feelings of frustration, anger, grief or despair and with time they cover up our happy feelings. 
If we don't recognize and accept and set these feelings free, they end up blocking the flow of energy in our bodies. These blockages can manifest themselves as diseases and health complaints. 
They can be triggers for knee problems, stomach aches, depression and even cancer. 
Because we often categorize these emotions as something negative, we try to suppress them. 
Everyone has these emotions but chooses to deal with them differently. In order to not let our “negative” emotions run wild with us and to stop us projecting them onto others, we can use different methods to better deal with them. However, there is no way around recognizing them, feeling and giving them room in order to process and let them go.

Energetic painting is a combination of intention, meditation and projection. The goal is achieving borderless depths through merging elements such as cleansing, crystals, dance & trance. 
First, the place of painting is cleansed by smoking sage, palo santo or some other incense depending on your personal intention. 
After smoking you enter a state of meditation; this allows the body and mind to rest, pause and think about which themes you would like to address. 
To connect with your spirit/mind and to let outer influences fade away is a matter of practice;
for some it will take longer to learn, some learn quickly.
After you have found a restful state of mind, you will set an intention; this could be an emotion you would like to deal with or simply a wish you would like to express. 
It is okay if you cannot form clear thoughts. We live in world where we are bombarded by information at all times. Our subconscious knows exactly what theme(s) are important. 

Depending on the time spent and the concentration/energy one is willing to let flow.
The theme(s) will be noted on the canvas. It is possible for the theme to change throughout the painting session, as the subconscious is working its way through to the conscious. They are mostly connected to each other and make sense as a whole

Music creates an atmosphere in which one is able to let go. It is preferable to use transcending or ambient music; good remixes where one song merges into the next so your flow won't be disturbed and your thoughts don't disperse. 
The junction of music, atmosphere and movement ease the flow and help get into a transcendent state, in which you can connect to your subconscious.

In this safe space which we have created there is no wrong or right, no criticism or rating.
Free choice of utensils and colours; you can paint with everything there is to offer. 

At the end of the session you give yourself thanks; for taking the time to feel, time to spend with yourself and to get to know yourself.